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Eliminate Cigarette Smoke Odor


Are you a homeowner renting a house here in Colorado Springs and the tenants smoked cigarettes or marijuana in the home or garage? Are you trying to remove smoke odors from the air before moving out of the property? We can help! Rainbow International of Colorado Springs has treated dozens of smoke impacted houses and garages with a 100% success rate. We tailor our treatment around the size and scope of the area, intensity of the odors, and the type of impacted materials. From a 500sqft garage to a 3500sqft home, we can handle any size or type of deodorization job and will work with you to provide the best remediation services for your property.

Ozone Saturation & Thermal Fogging


Rainbow International of Colorado Springs offers Ozone Saturation and Thermal Fogging for smoke and odor remediation. Ozone Saturation works best when odor molecules are stuck across the surface areas of a structure, such as drywall, paint, carpets and paneling. Our Ozone generating equipment brings concentrated ozone levels that are deadly to organic material, bacteria, and airborne pathogens, basically disintegrating them in place, eliminating the source of the odor while also deodorizing the air of the entire structure. We offer multiple organic and non organic chemical odor counteractants for indoor thermal fogging as well. Thermal fogging can be used in conjunction with a ozone treatment, or by itself, and focuses more on absorbed odors that are deep within the source material. The high temperature of the fog allows for deep penetration of the material, and we will fog the area to a saturation point, ensuring all areas are treated and deodorized.

Marijuana Smoke & Plant Odor


Here in Colorado we have run into rental and foreclosure properties that were used as Marijuana grow houses. These homes have not only layers upon layers of odor absorbed into the building materials, but are also covered in various forms of plant material that can lead to microbial growth including mold and mildew. Most of these homes were never designed to be indoor growing environments, and most restoration and construction companies are not aware of the damage that can be caused by such an operation. At Rainbow International of Colorado Springs, we are well equipped to handle such a job as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Crystal Meth Use & Labs


Do you suspect there was crystal meth use inside your property? While not as easy to identify and remediate as cigarette or marijuana smoke, the damage of meth use inside a home can be treated.
Has your property been used in the manufacturing of methamphetamines? Due to the nature of methamphetamine manufacturing, where hazardous and deadly chemicals are used, stored and ingested, the remediation process is much more complex and encompassing. Rainbow International of Colorado Springs would love to give you an estimate on methamphetamine remediation, but due to the nature of the work and the dangers that come with it, we are only accepting methamphetamine jobs on a case by case basis.

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